Having known Stefan over many years and seeing him increase in knowledge, authority and confidence throughout his journey to become a Master Sommelier, it was a great pleasure to see him finally reach his goal. Now he is a respected examiner and lecturer within the Court of Master Sommeliers and supports and mentors those now on their path. He is a great ambassador for the profession of Sommelier and an inspiration to those who meet him.

Ronan Sayburn MS (CEO Court of Master Sommeliers Europe & Head of wine 67 Pall Mall)

Having worked with Stefan for over 5 years I can recommend him as a true professional and amongst the best in his field. He is passionate about his subject, and for sharing his knowledge, whether this be with VIP guests drinking fine and rare wines, or guests with little knowledge of the wine world and limited budget. He has a clear enthusiasm for training and imparting knowledge with his contemporaries, from his team, to wider mentees, and through his work with The Court of Master Sommeliers. Further to this he is financially astute, successfully managing a large list and cellar, meeting prescribed margin and budget targets, and demonstrating great ROI through en primeur buying. Stefan is well liked and respected within the industry and with guests and team alike.

Mark Hastings (General Manager at City Social at The Social Company)

Stefan Neumann MS is a case study of an inspiring, dedicated, resilient, hard-working, positive, team and guests/clients focused and business success orientated hospitality professional. I had the pleasure and luck to work with him at The Fat Duck of Chef Heston Blumenthal (3*Michelin, former No.1 at World’s 50 Best Restaurants), where I used to be part of the management team. It was obvious that his thirst for ongoing betterment, together with proper mentoring and guidance, would support him to excel to a remarkable hospitality asset. One of the highlights of his career so far, has been the achievement of the Master Sommelier title. He has genuinely started as well building a strong online presence with his popular and insightful videos and masterclasses around wines, beverages and food pairing. Stefan is the definition of what we call a successful human capital investment for each company and project that has him on board.

Dimitri ‘Dimi’ Leivadas (Founder & CEO Delta Lambda Hospitality)

Stefan is one of the most professional persons I’ve met in the wine industry. We collaborated together during 50 Great Greek Wines, Stefan being a judge, and I was impressed by his detailed tasting skills and thorough feedback. I am looking forward to following his new content and to working together again soon.

Yiannis Karakasis MW (Founder of 50 Great Greek Wines)

I had the pleasure of meeting Stefan from early days in his career in The Fat Duck. He has always been a great team player, always had a detailed, clear approach to his work. He has got an equal love of wine and food as well as being an excellent communicator.

Isa Bal MS (Owner of Trivet Restaurant) & ASI Best Sommelier of Europe 2008

Stefan is a great Sommelier and I feel lucky to have worked with him over the years in different capacities, both in the wine trade and also working together on courses/exams for The Court of Master Sommeliers Europe. I have seen first hand his professionalism, dedication and attention to detail. And on top of all this and perhaps even more important, he is a good person, who deals with every situation with integrity and humility.

Gearoid Devaney MS (Director at Flint Wines and Owner and Director at Cabotte)

Stefan and I met for the first time at Restaurant Obauer in Werfen (Austria), where I worked as Chef Sommelier. He was one of my first Commis de Rangs there and it soon became clear that his passion and enthusiasm for wine would get him places. It was a pleasure to watch Stefan grow personally and professionally during the years we worked together. Ever since, we have stayed in touch and it was Stefan’s commitment and a lot of hard work that paved the way to his Master Sommelier title in 2017. I’m proud to call this dedicated wine professional not only a former colleague but also a friend. And if I have been able to ignite some of the passion in the early days – even better …

Alexander Koblinger MS (Creator of Taste outside the box & Head Sommelier Döllerer)

Having worked with Stefan in the same team at the iconic Heston Blumenthal The Fat Duck in Bray, I experienced at first hand his team player ethos, dedication and thirst of knowledge. His discipline and precision are a testament to his Austrian origin, which is wrapped with a smiley and warm approach that comes out effortlessly. Stefan literally ‘breathes’ gastronomy, a genuine host that charms you with his deep knowledge on food and wine. His love for teaching and mentoring people has brought him in the path of education not only through the Court of Master Sommeliers, but through webinars and videos in his media account. It is a constant drive and inspiration to me and many other wine professionals around the world.

Elefterios Kandylis (Head Sommelier 67 Pall Mall & Best Sommelier in the UK 2016)

Stefan is my personal 5-star recommendation for everyone looking for a top professional in the international wine business. We collaborated together for promoting Neusiedlersee DAC and his ability to turn bare information into understandable knowledge was amazing; not only I was enthusiastic but also the winemakers whose wines he presented – truly outstanding thanks to his attitude, passion and creativity!

Mag. (FH) Torsten Aumüller (Managing Director for Verein Neusiedlersee DAC)

I have known Stefan for many years since our time at The Fat Duck in Bray. Already then, we could appreciate his passion, dedication and hard working personality. Since we first met, Stefan has grown in knowledge, charisma and leadership. He is a true professional, incredibly knowledgeable, deeply generous and has that genuine humility that inspire others to better themselves. His customer service is second to none and his thirst and pursue of increasing his knowledge know no limit. His qualities make of Stefan one of the best in his field and this was recognised when achieving the highly regarded and sought after title of Master Sommelier. I feel very lucky and humbled to have been able to work alongside Stefan as he is a fantastic team player that became not only a friend but also an inspiring leader and a great mentor for many in our industry. 

Julien Gardin (General Manager at Andō in Hong Kong)

The guidance and support that Stefan has shown me over my career is nothing short of incredible. He has taught me so much and helped to point me in the right direction, preparing me for exams and furthering my education. Over the two years I worked for him at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal he was nothing short of amazing imparting me with the skills and knowledge that have gotten me where I am today. I could not recommend him highly enough.

Thomas Johns (Senior Sommelier at Coya Restaurant in Dubai)

Stefan is a gentleman of quality in and out of the wine world. Knowledgeable to the highest degree, a brilliant professional, and with an incredible kindness that has made an impact on many people in the trade, myself included. He is responsible for nurturing my knowledge and passion for wine, which has led to me making great strides in my career. Truly a man whose acumen, management, and mentorship leads businesses and people to higher things.

Tariq Khan (Sommelier at The Fat Duck)

Stefan and I have met initially during our time working at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal back in 2013. His passion and dedication were clear from the get go, and his determination which led him to become a Master Sommelier was inspiring. He is clearly passionate about teaching and passing on his knowledge, which I learnt first hand, being left with fond memories of his hosted masterclasses pre-service line ups where wine maps would get sprawled out across tables, and members of the team drawn in by his infectious excitement. He is someone who is always there to offer and has a genuine care and enjoyment for peoples individual development.

Natalie Conrath (Dining Room Manager at the Nomad Hotel, Sydell Group)

Not only is Stefan Neumann one of the most talented sommeliers I have ever had a pleasure of working with but also a tireless teacher, mentor and a colleague. He is the kind of leader that inspires others through his hard work and professionalism as well as generosity and kindness. Despite the tremendous amount of knowledge on the subject that isn’t easy to master, Stefan continuously challenges himself to become better. Moreover, he also passionately shares his knowledge with others and guides them through their training and development. He has the ability to talk about wine in a way that everyone understands and he also is a true master of metaphors. Listening to Stefan comes seamlessly. Working with Stefan has taught me a great deal of meritorical contents, allowed me to discover my passion for wine but it also greatly impacted my own work ethic. Hospitality industry is hard but meeting, working alongside and learning from professionals like Stefan makes it also an extremely rewarding industry to work within.

Klaudia Buttarelli (Former Assistant Guest Relations Manager at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal, Melbourne)