First & foremost – I love WINE


From the beautiful wine region of Wachau, Austria, I fell in love with wine since a young age and embarked on my sommelier journey over 15 years ago with enthusiasm, curiosity, passion and dedication. My approach to wine has always been and will always be in a positive nature. With great pride and humbleness, it has also brought me the title of Master Sommelier in 2017. 

Wine has enabled me to create memories and craft once in a life time experiences, whether it is in restaurants, at vineyards, through tastings, trainings, competitions or coaching. They are fulfilling and the very reason I cherish and love hospitality as they bring people together. 

Work with me

Having worked with some of the world’s most renowned chefs, restaurateurs, winemakers, and marketing agencies alike, my expertise provides the perfect bridge between all the different involved parties.

From hospitality and wine consultancy, digital partnerships to wine tastings, training, events or seminars, I tailor my service to your requirements and objectives in order to help you reach the right audience, wines, suppliers and producers.

Wine is personal, emotional and full of characters, just like people. I find joy and excitement in matching these 2 things together to create the best experience, whether it is in person or online.

My journey

Stefan Neumann MS tasting at an event

Master Sommelier Wine Consultant

Founder & Director

In 2021, Stefan founded his own wine consultancy to continue his work, passion and contribution to the world of wine.

Wine Consultant


In July 2021, Fells appointed Stefan as a wine consultant, working alongside its London, Regional and Fine Wine teams.

Stefan Neumann MS - Director of Wine at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Director of Wine

Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Joined in 2013 as Assistant Head Sommelier and promoted to Director of Wine in 2018

Master Sommelier - Court of Master Sommelier Europe

Master Sommelier

Court of Master Sommelier Europe

Became one of the 239 Master Sommeliers in the world in 2017



Having known Stefan over many years and seeing him increase in knowledge, authority and confidence throughout his journey to become a Master Sommelier, it was a great pleasure to see him finally reach his goal. Now he is a respected examiner and lecturer within the Court of Master Sommeliers and supports and mentors those now on their path. He is a great ambassador for the profession of Sommelier and an inspiration to those who meet him.

Ronan Sayburn MS (CEO Court of Master Sommeliers Europe & Head of wine 67 Pall Mall)

Having worked with Stefan for over 5 years I can recommend him as a true professional and amongst the best in his field. He is passionate about his subject, and for sharing his knowledge, whether this be with VIP guests drinking fine and rare wines, or guests with little knowledge of the wine world and limited budget. He has a clear enthusiasm for training and imparting knowledge with his contemporaries, from his team, to wider mentees, and through his work with The Court of Master Sommeliers. Further to this he is financially astute, successfully managing a large list and cellar, meeting prescribed margin and budget targets, and demonstrating great ROI through en primeur buying. Stefan is well liked and respected within the industry and with guests and team alike.

Mark Hastings (General Manager at City Social at The Social Company)


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