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  • Grower Champagne

    Grower Champagne

    Teaming up with Wine Source UK to discover and explain the concept of Grower Champagne. In June 2020, I did […]

  • Lebanese Wine

    Lebanese Wine

    Lebanon – A (wine) country rich in history and steeped in tradition yet the diversity is displayed beautifully by its wines. The strong French influence reflects in the grape variety plantings and the Phoeninacs civilization is deeply rooted in the desire of the winemakers to explore, discover and most importantly delight.

  • First taste of Burgundy 2019

    First taste of Burgundy 2019

    Launching an En Primeur Campaign during a global pandemic is unheard of, yet so many have managed it almost seamlessly. Given the added complications of Brexit, it was everything but easy. Tasting 2019 wines too and only a few were lucky enough to do so.

  • Discover Japanese wine

    Discover Japanese wine

    Japan – A country that manages to amaze the world with technological innovations like the Shinkansen trains, and picturesque landscapes of outstanding beauty. Let’s dig deeper here and look for the culinary delights.

  • En Primeur buying guide

    En Primeur buying guide

    January is always an exciting month for the world of wine. It is the time when we get the first En Primeur offers. In January 2021, we have started with 2019 Burgundy and 2019 Rhône. Investing into fine wine can seem intimidating initially, so I have put a handy guide together below to help you make YOUR first steps. You can also find a quick video guide on this topic.